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yeah so i slept with this dude last night and idk we were chatting a bit  during the sexy time and for some reason his birthday came up and i was like “wait 25th of september? DUDE me TOO, wtf thats such a coincidence” and he was like “really? we have the same birthday? are u fuckin with me?” and i just looked down at his penis literally inside my vagina and was like “well technically yeah” and he was like haha nice one and high fived me


Margaery Tyrell & Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones Season 4 x


Kristin Chenoweth || Performing Arts Tilles Center || February 7, 2014




i tried to reverse image search the source for this but i couldn’t find it

kaleran SENT: Karla. I'm going to cry you can buy all te things PLEASE BUY ALL THE THINGS BECAUSENI CAN BUY NONENOF THE THINGS

jfc that persons shop was on society 6 and not spreadsheet so i can’t. ugh people need to buy more things on my spread shirt so that spread shirt will give me my money jfc (until you get over a certain amount they just give you credit)

god fucking damn it

when I stay awake too late this guy starts mowing the lawn right outside my building and it’s hella annoying ugh




Maru loves his little sister Hana.