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20-year-old Momoko on Cat Street in Harajuku with lots of piercings (ear spike, stretched ear, labret, eyebrow, tongue, navel), Glad News top, HellcatPunks skirt & Jeremy Scott winged sneakers with tall platforms. She’s also wearing a Devilish leather arm cuff! Full Look

Apr 24 2014

so I was watching don’t trust the b and this lady walked I and I was like “is that mamrie hart?” And then I looked it up online and it was? But like what the fuck that’s such a random thing, like I BOOM SURPRISE someone you’ve met is just on a show your watching surprise

Because the triangle between Will and Hannibal and Alana is very much alive and something to be explored. And is explored in episode ten in a very sexy way.

-Bryan Fuller (


Manduca sexta

thats the caterpillar i played with today

want one of those

and not like a creepy fucker, i want one like this  but really big

sharon liked the caterpillar post so im going to assume she’s obligated to buy me a caterpillar now

i had this one friend in middle school who thought i was funny and whenever i said anything funny and no one else heard she would literally make everyone quiet down and tell people the joke

she was cool

ugh i can’t find any big caterpillars online

can someone buy me one for my birthday

like a really big non-fuzzy caterpillar

they’re cute and squishy


Stop what you are doing and watch this.


First I was Amy Winehouse and then I was a panda.

(It was for a photography project, I’ll post the actual photos when I get them.)

ahh kaitlyn you’re so pretty